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How to dress when you are short for women over 40 - fashion for women over 40 Tracy Gold shares her top secret tips on how to dress when you are short for women over 40. * Subscribe to Tracy's newsletter

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About the video

Many short women wish they wear taller, but what if I told you that you can look taller instantly just by the clothes you wear? In this video, I tell you how you how.

I’m fairly short myself and I know what’s its like to wish I was taller. There is nothing I can do about that, but I can choose to wear clothing that suits my small frame and make me look taller than I am and so can you.

I’m going to share with you my top secret tips to dressing yourself tall.

Wear short length dresses and skirts: Dresses that are shorter make your legs appear longer. If you don’t like your legs, wear tights or leggings underneath or opt for an over the knee boot.

Wear high waisted pants: This works like wonders to make your legs appear longer than they are. You can take this look further by adding a slight heel and tucking your tops into your waistband.

Wear slim leg, bootleg or wide leg trousers with a heel. Slim leg pants will cover part of the shoe, giving you a longer line. If you wear wide leg or bootleg pants or jeans, the flare will cover the heel and no one will be the wiser.

When wearing ankle boots with jeans, either tuck them in or fold them just above. The eye is a funny thing, it goes to where there is skin and can shorten your look.

Avoid anything ¾ length. Contrary to popular belief, this is going to make you look shorter than you are.

Wear nude shoes. This makes it look like your foot is an extention of your foot. Choose a shoe close to the colour of your skin or even a metallic for a trendy look.

Over 40's style: How to buy the perfect pair of jeans | jeans for your body shape Subscribe to channel

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Skinny, bootleg, wide leg, mid rise, high rise….what does it all mean????? And which pair of jeans are your perfect pair for your body shape??? In this video I am going to give you the low down on which cut best suits your shape and how to shop for them without the trauma.

Are there rules about which jeans women over 40 should wear? Absolutely not. I have seen women all good in various cuts AND a lot depends on how you feel about your body shape and your personal style.

When shopping for your perfect pair:

1. Be prepared to try on various styles and sizes. If you plan ahead, wear clothing and shoes that are easy to remove. This makes it less of a work out…. although… if you can burn calories while shopping… why not?

If you know which cut suits you, take a few variations and different sizes and washes.. which brings me to my second point.

2. Know your size, but don’t be married to it. The stiffness, thickness and stretch of the fabric is going to vary. So don’t worry about it if you have to go up a size.

3. Know what’s worth the spend. I do believe that investing in a good pair of jeans is worth it, but if you find your perfect fit at a low price point, that’s great. Fit is key, but so is fabric. Often paying a bit more, means better fabric. They tend to last and keep their shape for longer. That being said, be careful of investing in a high fashion pair. Yes, over 40 can wear ripped jeans, but are they worth investing in…. probably not.

Jean Styles

You can wear anything you like, this is just a guideline

There are variations of these styles.

Skinny – if you love your legs, this is a great shape for you.

Difference between super tight and skinny. If it covers your shoe, more elongating.

If you have short legs, to elongate your legs, wear a mid or high rise.

To make this look work: Avoid wearing super baggy tops. Rather wear tops that give you shape to keep your look balanced.

Bootleg/Flair – if you want to give your gorgeous hips or thighs balance without adding volume or you want to create curves that you don’t have….this style will work for you.

If you want to elongate your legs, wear these will a heel. The great thing about bootleg is you can’t see how high your heels is.

Wide leg – if you want to give your gorgeous curves balance or you want skim over your hips and thighs, this is a great cut for you.

Make sure to wear fitted, shorter tops with this style or it will make you look bigger than you are. With volume on the bottom, you really need fitted on the top. If you just love this style because it’s fashionable and you have a flattish tummy, tuck in your top for an elongated look.

How the jeans look depends on how you wear them and what you wear them with.

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How to dress yourself skinny for women over 40 - how to dress 10 pounds slimmer Tracy Gold tells you how to dress yourself skinny / how to dress 10 pounds slimmer for women over 40.* Online Image Makeover for personalised tips

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Online Image Makeover

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About the video:

In this video I am going to tell you how to dress yourself skinny by learning how to loose 10 pounds just by getting dressed….in the right clothing.

What body shape are you? An apple, a pear, hourglass, coloumn, block, triangle? Well most women struggle to figure out which shape they are because few of us fit into one shape. I fact we are usually a combination of at least two, maybe even more.

I like to keep things simple, so instead of trying to help you figure out which shape you are, I’m going to give you tips that will help you no matter your shape.

Now let me first say that there are no absolute rules, these are just guidelines that I have found have worked for the many women I have consulted with. In this video I’m going to show you some examples of makeovers I’ve done to illustrate the points. Some of them from a few years back and are a bit dated, by they still illustrate the points well.

1. Look for the natural balance that exists: We all have parts that are balanced and ones that aren’t. In many cases, women’s shoulder /bust is in balance to her hips. But you often don’t notice that….which brings me to my next tip….

2. Define your waist to emphasize the balance: This works like a charm. Now many times, women are afraid of this because they think it’s going to make their tummies show. Quite the opposite. Emphasizing the narrowest part of your waist tends to draw attention away for your tummy and it makes your legs appear longer, which makes you look taller and slimmer.

If you feel like you are very straight up and down or don’t have a waist, you can fake it.

If you feel that your bust, tummy and hips are all one, you can still define your waist by

1. ensuring you wear the right bra that gives you more of a waist

2. make use of styles that disguise your tummy like this one

You can see in this makeover, in the before pic, her whole midsection looks like one. In the after pic, now you can see her waist and her bust and hips look in perfect proportion.

3. Balance your widest point with a flared hem. When your hem is the widest point, it automatically makes everything above it look narrower in comparison. This works well with pants too. If want some balance for your hips, bum and thighs than consider trying a slim leg, bootleg or wide-leg pant rather than a skinny.

4. Don’t be afraid of wearing pattern. Now many women are because they think it will make them look bigger. If you are wearing a baggy item of clothing in a pattern or one that is too big…yes it will make you look bigger. Pattern actually works to disguise the parts you don’t like, so you can and must wear it in a fitted garment.

You can see in this example, we replaced the baggy clothing with more fitted clothing and these bold printed pants. Now because they fit her well, the don’t make her look bigger than she is.

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Where to shop in Milan: day 1 Subscribe to channel

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I am in Milan for a few days for a shopping trip. I am going to show you some of the best and most interesting places to shop in Milan.

On day 1 I am heading out to one of the main shopping strips, Corso Buenos Aires.

Here are some of my highlights.

Nau sunglasses and eyewear. They make beautiful Italian designed and made sunglasses.

GA Accessory has gorgeous Italian made handbags at affordable prices.

Orleans store has a wide selection of Italian made boots and shoes for €30 per pair!

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Does professional image matter? Subscribe to channel

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Does it really matter what you wear to work? Shouldn’t your success of your career be about your work and not about what you look like?

In this video, I am going to explore whether creating a professional image is important for your career.

For some, clothing choices seem frivolous and unimportant. What is interesting is that psychological studies prove that not only does your look impact on how people perceive and treat you, but more importantly, it has an impact on your own mood and level of confidence.

1. Lets look at how your look impacts how people perceive you. If I was presenting a professional image workshop at your company and I arrived looking overly casual for the occasion, would you be likely to trust what I say? And if I arrived looking all turned out would this give you greater confidence in my ability?

Obviously in my field, how I dress has direct impact on how people perceive my abilities, but is it that different for other industries? If you are going to a job interview, do you dress your best? I’m sure you do. Why? Because you want to make a good impression. In this situation, you understand that the way you dress either says to interviewer, I am confident and I know what I’m doing OR it says I don’t take my work that seriously. Whether we like it or not, people do make assumptions about us, based on how we are dressed.

2. Now lets consider how your clothing choices impact on you. Think of a time when you felt most powerful...what were you wearing? Now think of a time when you felt really down in the dumps… what were you wearing? If you are still not convinced that clothing affects your mood, the next time you are feeling blue put on your favourite outfit, a little makeup and style your hair and see how that makes you feel.

These are general tips on creating a professional image, but for tips customised to your individual needs, feel free to contact me through my website

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