Designer clothing for cheap

I first saw Chic Mammas Do Care Shop on Facebook. They continued to intrigue me with their shots of in-store items and the jaw dropping prices. Not jaw dropping expensive, but jaw dropping…dare I say cheap.

They sell excellent quality second hand clothing and donated clothing from retailers, designers and boutiques in order to raise funds for children charities.

So not only do you get that feel-good feeling from a finding a beautiful bargain, but you know that your cash is going toward empowering others.

Their items range in price from R80 - R400 maximum. Most items are in the R150 - R200 price range.

I bought both these belts for a total of R180.


I also love their shopping bags. So girls, if ever there was a good reason to declutter your wardrobe, this is it!  For my tips on great wardrobe chuck-out strategies to get you going, click here


For more details on Chic Mammas Do Care click here


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