My makeover shoot with AbigailK

I’m a great believer in having current, professional photographs taken to use for websites, professional profiles, social media etc. I think if you are serious about using online platforms as a means to grow your brand, then they need to be good.

I was aware that I needed to update my pics. My hair is now longer, my style has changed a bit and I need to look like my photograph. Have you ever followed someone on social media, only to find they don’t look anything like their photograph?

So off I went to AbigailK for my shoot. I have worked with a number of really good photographers, but AbigailK is a cut above the rest. She gave me a whole lot of tips on how to stand, pose and breathe so that my shots look good. I realise the power of that! Now I know why my arms sometimes look bigger than they are or I have a few extra chins in some photographs. I am now armed with knowledge on how to pose to ensure great pics every time, any where.

Here is my before and after.  Okey, I wasn't trying to look good in my before shot.  I did no styling before arrival, but it just goes to show you what a bit of makeup, styling and posing can do.

Tracy Gold AbigailK.jpg

AbigailK and I have decided to collaborate to offer men and women professionally styled photographs for professional profile shots and makeover shots. I will assist you to determine what to wear that gives an effective and accurate first impression. I will also teach you how to repeat that style, so that you do look like your picture. And believe me… it’s easier than you think.

For more details on the packages we offer, click here


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