How to build your confidence

Confidence can seem like such an illusive thing, don't you think? I posted a question on Facebook last week asking the question, 'What does it mean to truly have confidence?'.  All the responses spoke of a deep knowing of who you are.

So do we just have it or do we need to cultivate it? I believe in the later. I believe that it is a DECISION. Some of us may find it easier than others due to our personality type, belief system and upbringing. But if we don't make the decision to cultivate confidence and maintian it , what we have naturally can get squashed and destroyed.

I do believe that there are things we can do to cultivate confidence in various areas of our lives. If I want to perform a dance, but don't practice the choreography, it's unlikely my performance will be good or accurately reflect my ability.

If you want to cultivate confidence in the way you look, it's time to shift your focus from the parts or your body that you don't like, to the parts you do. It may require you to up-skill yourself to learn HOW to dress your body shape, style your hair etc.

If you want to grow in your professional confidence, it will be worthwhile to up-skill yourself in business etiquette. Knowing how to conduct yourself in your business environment can go a long way to helping you feel confident in any given business situation, making it easier to showcase your abilities.

I also think that the more self-confidence we build, the more we will be able to uplift others. Bad mouthing and breaking others down usually comes from a need to make ourselves feel better than. I truly confident person doesn't need to do this.

The comments on Facebook that I liked the most, spoke about 'taking small steps toward' and 'having the courage to take the first step'. I truly believe that building confidence is a continual journey. Making the decision is not a once off thing.

I just think that life is way to short to not choose confidence. So decide on what step you can take TODAY toward a happier, more confident you.

If your decision includes learning how to grow your confidence in the way you look click here

If your decision includes learning on how to better conduct yourself in business click here

I recently wrote an article for on 'Why confidence is your best accessory' which includes some tips on how to cultivate confidence.


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