Does fashion make you feel fabulous?

I recently asked the question on Facebook, 'Does fashion make you feel fabulous about your body?'. The answers were a resounding no.

The world of fashion is meant to be an expression of creativity and a celebration of beauty, but how does the fashion world define beauty these days? It seems to me that the way beauty is portrayed leaves every day women feeling that they are not young enough, slim enough, tall enough.... etc to engage with fashion.  Is it surprising?  Over the last few decades, a 'beautiful woman' is often not a woman at all.  She's either a young girl, airbrushed or a woman who spends her life making herself beautiful. To make matters worse, the easy accessibility of plastic surgery means that instead of learning to accept a part of our bodies we aren't crazy about, we can just have it fixed... and then the next thing, and the next.

I love fashion and clothing, but the fashion world is something I've never been able to relate to. Ever since I was little, my clothing has been a means of self expression. In my work, I've used my knowledge and experience to assist women of all ages, shapes and sizes to do the same thing. My passion is to demystify this fashion thing, to help women put it in it's rightful place. Fashion is merely meant to be a source of inspiration to create your own individual look.

How do you do that you might ask?

1. Learn what suits your shape. By wearing clothing that suits your shape, you can learn to celebrate your assets. I see this happen with my clients all the time. When they see for themselves that they don't have to 'fit' into a mould or a look that doesn't work for them and they see how fabulous they look in what does, the journey of self appreciation begins.

2. Focus on the parts you love. This takes time. If you've been telling yourself that you look terrible for a long time, it's going to take time to change that habit. Every time you have a negative thought about your body, replace it with a positive one....and stick with it.

3. Share the love. Share the beauty you see in others. As women, we are often very critical with one another. It's time to shift that. Tell your friend when she's looking good and mean it. You may be surprised how this will help you to love yourself more. If you are one of those women who can do it for others but not yourself, start talking to yourself the way you do your friends.

Ladies, life is just too short not to feel fabulous.  Decide today to embrace what you have and let fashion inspire you rather than disempower you.



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