Jaquiline's Makeover Shoot

Jaquiline was the winner of the 'Capture Your New Look Competition' that I held in collaboration with Abigail KKristine Kruz 4 Makeup and Women24.com.

We had such fun discovering her new and improved look.

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This is what she said about her experience.

Before her makeover:

"You've let yourself go", is what certain people would say when they see me a couple of years into married life and gape at my obvious weight gain. Do not forget the few who actually has the audacity to touch my abdomen while asking the infamous, ‘Is there a bun in the oven?’, with a cheesy grin spread across the face. I've experienced all of the above mentioned and the stark reality struck me: My body has changed, so now the same should be true for my wardrobe.

It started with donating most of my clothing to charity and only keeping a few basic pieces. These consisted mostly of dark coloured garments and the bigger sized pieces of clothing in my cupboard. I knew I needed help because I need to learn how to deal with the challenge at hand. My mission - how to dress my newly acquired curvaceous bod.

So imagine my delight when I won the ‘Capture Your New Look Makeover Competition’, in collaboration with Tracy Gold, Abigail K and Women24.com. Here is my experience:

Her makeover process:

My consultation with the stunning Tracy Gold and photo shoot with the lovely Abigail K was an amazing day filled with fun, glamour, laughter and learning. From the moment I set foot in Abigail’s studio, the magic began.

Tracy and the team made me feel extremely welcome from the word go and not once did I feel like a walking fashion disaster or a plain Jane for that matter. My moment in front of the camera started with a couple of before shots that really woke up the "poser" within me. Kristine worked her magic on my face, informing me of every product she used as she went along. This was terrific as she coupled it with great tips and sound advice at the same time. My face was transformed while both Tracy and Abigail would play their respective roles simultaneously, throughout the process. Abigail filmed and took photographs while Tracy passed a comment, or threw in a fashion tip ever so often. I liked that very much because there was absolutely no formality as we chatted casually, and I absorbed all that these three wonderful fairy godmothers had to share.

Kristine brought out the goddess in me, displaying the beauty that I already possess by just accentuating it with the art of applying make up skilfully. I loved it!

Wardrobe time was a delight with Tracy doing what she does best. We had an ‘mirror moment’ where I looked at myself and had to name 3 things that I LIKE about my body. Tracy affirmed what I said and made me feel like the gorgeous queen that I am. I then made the conscious decision that my self talk about my appearance must improve drastically. I was taught what works for my body shape and why. Tracy broke the do's and don'ts for me down into understandable chunks and every bit of info was shared with a smile.

Tracy had brought two dresses from her collection that she thought I might like to wear for the shoot. Well she was right. I loved both of her dresses as they showed off my waist, which I always hide. It was as if the dresses were designed and made for me. I felt comfortable, yet super sexy at the same time. I loved it!

My moment in front of the camera was really the highlight of my day. Abigail is such a natural at what she does and her energy is so contagious! The way she spurred me on after each photograph with her encouraging comments, was amazing. She would say things like, ‘I love it’ and ‘beautiful’, which made me show off even more, LOL. What was so awesome about Abigail, is that she did not just photograph me, she taught me valuable lessons. I now know some poses, so if you think you saw me posing before, then baby you ain't seen nothing yet!

In conclusion, the Capture Your Makeover Competition, was just what I needed at this moment in time, in my life. The experience left me refreshed, empowered, and ready to take on the world. I revel in the fact that I am a beautiful woman, regardless of what the reading on my scale says. I have taken all that there is to learn from this, and will definitely apply and share it with others.

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