Beauty and my cats

How do we define beauty? Do you constantly compare yourself to someone else to determine your own beauty or the lack there of?

If I think about the clients I’ve dealt with in the last month, I would have to say that almost all of them felt ‘less than beautiful’ because of some part of their bodies that didn’t ‘measure up’. But who says? How do we determine what is beautiful? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then shouldn’t we start to own that, instead of trying to measure up to what society deems to be ‘beautiful’?

Tracy Gold cats Sheerah-Jasper.jpg

Look at my two cats. One is a Chinchilla Persian and one Siamese. They look totally different, but they are both beautiful. Some will think one is more beautiful than the other depending on their taste, but I’m confident that most people would agree that they are both beautiful… just in different ways.

Why can we recognise this in animals, but not amongst our human selves? If you think of what fashion has deemed beautiful, it has drastically changed over the years. From Marilyn Monroe to Twiggy to Beyonce’.

I think it’s time for us to broaden our definition of beauty and stop letting fashion determine whether we fit the beauty mould or not. I think we need to give ourselves permission to own our own gorgeousness…..and in turn, it will give other’s permission to do the same.


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