Spring trends for now and later: spring colour

Surprisingly, tan is one of the hottest colours for Spring. In part 4 of this series, I give you tips on how to wear it not matter the weather.


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In part 4 of this series, personal stylist and fashion writer, Tracy Gold tells us why tan is the hottest new colour for Spring and how to wear it no matter the weather.

Surprisingly, tan is one of the hot colours for Spring. If it looks good close to your face, feel free to wear it close to your face. If not, wear it on the bottom or in an accessories like a handbag or shoes. You can mix tan with light and bright colours for the Spring look and darker colours for a winter look. Tracy Gold shows you two examples of how to wear it; wear tan trousers with a bright colour top, sandals and a spring scarf for a Spring look or with a black jacket and boots when the weather is chilly.

That way you get the Spring look even when it's still cold outside.

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