The first time I coloured my hair

I've decided to try something new with my fashion video blog.  This week, I'm excited to introduce a series called, 'Tracy's Styling Diary'.  The videos will be more spontaneous and feature some of my own styling experiences, as well as tips on where to shop, what to buy and how to look gorgeous

In this episode, I share my experience of colouring my hair for the first time ever.... yes ever.  For the full story, take a look at this short clip.

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In this episode of Tracy's styling diary, she shares her experience of colouring her hair for the first time.

Tracy has never coloured her hair before, but lately her natural strawberry blonde colour has been looking dull. She's off to the hairdresser to have balayage colour treatment.

She loves her new colour as it looks like her natural colour, but better. Tracy went to Tesna from Maverick Hair in Sea Point. Tesna was fantastic! She did the balayage to lighten Tracy's hair colour which also covered the bits of grey and gave her a Olaplex treatment, which restores hair that has been coloured or heat styled.

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