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I have discovered the most divine foundation brought out by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  Their new Serum Foundation moisturises the skin and does wonders for the complexion.  Not to mention that it includes SPF 40.  That makes it serum, foundation and sunblock all in one product.  

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In this episode of Tracy's styling diary, she tells you why the Bobbi Brown new Serums Foundation is her new favourite foundation.

Tracy Gold went to the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counter at Cavendish Square in Cape Town. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has just launched their new Serum Foundation. Tracy is very excited to try it. She has heard that its very moisturising for your the skin and does wonders for your complexion. She's eager to try it out to see if it meets her expectations.

Tracy has had half of her face done with the Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation. You can see how it makes her skin glow in comparison to the other side that is bare. Tracy really loves this foundation. She loves the way her skin looks and feels. She feels as if she has had a facial, but she's only had this foundation applied.

If you would like to try the Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation for yourself, visit a Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter at selected Edgars and Stuttafords store.

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